Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Universal Remote Programmed!!!

Okay, if you have a ton of remote controls, time to catch up with technology. The Harmony 880 remote is a great RC. You program it online and it takes care of everything else for you. Their software is a bit clunky, but once you get it set up you will be a happy camper. You can even put icons of your favorite channels on it, as well as custom backgrounds. So now I go from 6 remotes to 1. Two words: Suh weet! (this is our second one - I'm sold on their performance).

Also, finally got things squared away with the screen - will be getting a new screen one size smaller (106"). Hopefully this one is perfectly rectangular. Interesting that the company just wants the end caps, control box, and remotes back. Then I'm supposed to discard the rest. I guess I'll try to find a spot for this so I can use it as an outside screen or something.

Otherwise I'm pretty much done with all I can do at this point. A little paint is all that remains until I get the new screen. Then I'll have to do some more electrical work to move the existing box (and in turn some sheetrock work). Then I'll build the enclosure for the screen.

Then it's onto the tile work for the fireplace... but that won't happen until after the sectional arrives.


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