Sunday, September 10, 2006

Let the cutting begin...

This is where the infinite baffle subwoofer will go. I will get some acoustic fabric that closely matches the paint, build a frame, and attach it for a nice stealthy look. Oh, the subwoofer amplifier and parametric EQ will go in this enclosure as well.

Here is inside the above box - yes, that is the crawl space below. Due to the size of the subwoofer enclosure, I'll have to assemble it in the crawl space. In its assembled form, it won't fit through the crawl space access. :(

This is where the main components will go - receiver, DVD, and DirecTV box. Had to move that beam that is showing. Again, I'll cover this with acoustic fabric (which you can shoot an infrared beam through to control the components). But with this one I'll put hinges on it so it can easily be opened.

You never know what you'll find behind the sheetrock... whoever drew this has a little talent.


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