Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Electrical done... uh, maybe not

Well, I spent an appreciable amount of time in the crawl space over the weekend doing some electrical work and routing a phone line for the Tivo unit. Great - electrical for the components and sub amp/eq. But wait, I'm now going to move the amp/EQ into the closet. Dang. No electrical in there. Guess I'll have to re-route it over there. It's always something. Oh and now that it is in the closet I guess I didn't need to do the mod on the amp to make it more quiet. Oh well. I did order a cool little in floor outlet that has a brass coverplate/cover. That will go under the coffee table for the projector power. So I was going to have to do more electrical work anyhow.

Memo to self - do not try to fish wires with your spouse.

More stuff arriving, waiting for the screen to arrive on 9/13. I believe that is the last of the stuff, as the front speakers arrived today. I might get withdrawals not seeing a package on my porch...

Here's a shot of the cutouts for the rear speakers:


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