Sunday, September 17, 2006

Blue Screen of Death?

No, not the dreaded blue screen of death. But I'm a bit concerned by a couple of things - I cannot center the image in the screen. It appears there are some defects in the screen. See how some sections of the black fabric are not parallel to the blue image? Pay attention to the bottom left corner and the right side, starting at the middle to the bottom. Hopefully the manufacturer can help me with this.

My other concern is that the screen is pretty darn large. A bit larger than I anticipated. I can see the vertigo potential on some crazy action scenes. Maybe if it is defective the manufacturer will send me a screen that is one size smaller. We'll see...

Ordered a cool IR system that will allow me to control all of my components including the screen and the projector (even though they are in the opposite direction of the components). This will be located right at the coffee table. Pretty cool stuff. One click of the Harmony 880 remote and the screen will drop down, the projector, DVD player, receiver, etc. will all power on and be ready to go.


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