Thursday, September 21, 2006

We've got HDTV...

Okay, so the DirecTV guy showed up today with the 45 lbs. satellite. I showed him the old satellite that he was going to replace. He said, you can't install it there, it is too heavy. Plus, there is no electrical up there for a larger multi-switch box. He said no problem - you'll just have two satellites. He did a nice job hiding the second satellite, but the cable job was a bit, shall we say, crappy. Black cable? Come on man, where's the white stuff? Oh well, it is on the side of the house that hardly anyone ever sees.

I must say that the UI on the DirecTV DVR pales in comparison to the Tivo UI. Definitely more clunky, and not as intuitive. Such is life though. It is the new version and is compatible with the mpeg-4 HD broadcasts (future stuff).

HD sure is perty though...


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