Saturday, September 23, 2006

How many lumps do you want?

Dang, nearly 7 hours of work today and still didn't finish up the subwoofer. So close. But a lot of things conspired against me:

1) The largest piece of the enclosure didn't fit through the crawl space access. Had to remove some wood framing the opening and it still didn't fit. Cut the piece smaller.

2) A concrete pier obstructed the enclosure. What is up with that? Got the grinder out and cut some of it down. Hammer and chisel too. Smacked my thumb at least twice, and also pinched a part of my palm between the chisel and hammer. Can you spell O-U-C-H?

3) Mysteriously ran out of 2"x4"'s. Couldn't even round up a few remnants. Fortunately Spiccoli helped me out with this.

I was ready to quit, but Marc told me to keep going. So I got most of it done - just need to seal it up with some caulking, mount a side piece of wood inside the column base, and then the amp shelf and amps. Oh, and install the subwoofers. Got sloppy though since I was beat but fortunately no one will see the work. The enclosure is REALLY stout, I'm happy overall with the way it turned out. But working in the crawl space for nearly 4 hours is pretty brutal on the body. Can't wait until that part is over with. Just getting all the materials and equipment over there was a major chore.

So hopefully the subs will be completed sometime tomorrow...


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