Monday, September 25, 2006

The subwoofer from hell, the lost cat, and the new couch

Well, another couple of hours in the crawl space, and the subwoofer is D-U-N. Finally. Jeez, what a pain in the arse. I don't know what happened - holes didn't line up, screws were too short, yadda, yadda, yadda. Then to top it all off, our cat disappeared. Turns out she jumped down into the enclosure before it was enclosed and had some fun in the crawl space. Well, in my haste to run to the Depot to get longer screws, I guess I forgot to close the access to the crawl space too. So she disappeared for several hours, made Alaina cry, and we were worried with her being an indoor cat. I heard cat fights, but couldn't find her. Then, after I saw a shooting star outside (really), she turned up. Strange. She acted like nothing had ever happened. Crazy cat.

Oh, and we found a great sectional sofa for the living room. A heavy microfiber with crinkles. 10'x10', with three reclining seats. Two facing the screen, one facing the fireplace. Man, these are sooooooo cozy. We got it at Connolly's in Fremont. Good people. They worked with me to try to get close to online pricing. Check them out if you're in the need for furniture.

So I'll crank up the subwoofer hopefully tomorrow to see what it sounds like. Could only play it low volumes since I didn't finish up in the crawl space until around 9:30pm. Need to buy an SPL meter too to calibrate it. Now just lots of little details to wrap up... and hopefully I'll hear about replacing my screen this week.


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