Sunday, October 22, 2006


Here are some shots of how I hid the components. If you look closely, you will see little wires hanging down with a black pear shaped thingy at the end - these sit over the IR receivers on the components and allows me to control the components from a small receiver hidden on the shelf of the coffee table.

There is a 120mm cooling fan mounted inside this enclosure to help with the heat - particularly the DirecTV DVR - that thing runs pretty hot. The addition of the fan has reduced the temp from about 129 to between 115-122. Every little thing helps. The fan is super quiet (rated at 14db at 12V - I'm running it at 9V so it should be even more quiet).

To remove the receiver (if I need to for some reason) I'll have to remove the door, hinges, and trim piece the hinges are connected to. Cut it a teeny bit too tight. Oh well. Hopefully I don't have major issues with the receiver.

Oh and the new sectional is to be delivered this Tuesday - finally something Tracy is excited about...


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