Friday, July 11, 2014

Sister-In-Law's Kitchen remodel

This was a tough project.  Finished it in 5.5 weekends.  Logged over 120 hours and 20+ hours of drive time (they live 1:45 away).  Full gut.  Turned out nicely but about broke me.  One weekend I put in 27 hours!  Passed inspection too!

Before shot - couple of drawers were removed

Doors goner...

Cut small trench for electrical to island

Electrical and plumbing work

More plumbing and electrical

Patched wall and new switch

Water line for refrigerator

Tie into existing water line

More electrical/plumbing

Wire for under cab electrical outlet the inspector required

Stupid little box to support the subpanel I installed (again, inspector required it)




Undercab lights!

Up close undercabs

Near completion!


Counters and backsplash in!

Tile around window and some grout done

Flooring in (I didn't install btw) and almost done!

Hood in

Grout done!


DONE!!! (Thank gawd)