Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Long overdue BBQ project update

Well, seems to be no sense of urgency with any of my projects lately. So I've been the turtle when it comes to remodeling. But I'm starting to enjoy riding a bike again so that has distracted me some. So really, stucco, electrical, and paint and this baby is done. Shouldn't be too bad really. A few more hours of work and it will be time to fire this bad boy up! Couldn't be at a better time since my current BBQ is dying a fast death.

LP drawer on the left, access door (not installed) below BBQ, and bonding cement applied to the Hardibacker so that the stucco will stick. Check out the galvanized LP extension pipe I installed inside.

Better shot of the tile counter. I'm guessing it took me maybe another 13 hours to get to this point. Easy math so now I'm at 20 hours. Seems like too much but amazing how time adds up.


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