Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Chalk up another one in the books!

Yay! The outdoor kitchen/BBQ is done. Well, a tiny bit of touch up paint and maybe a teeny bit of caulking is left. But I fired it up and burned off all the mfg. oil off of it and it is ready to use. Will get a chance to use it this weekend with family over. Dang thing burns freakin' hot.

With rotisserie attachment in place.

Cool lighting for those late night BBQ sessions.

Sans rotisserie.

I would say overall this project took about 30 hours to complete. I sucko at stucco. It looks okay, but not quite what I envisioned. But overall I'm pleased with the project.

So just the family room fireplace and about 300' of crown and I will be taking a long break from remodeling projects... Although I am going to add some stuff to the garage gym... :)