Thursday, June 06, 2013

Kitchen Remodel - almost 10 years has gone by... Wow!

Okay, I don't have anymore webhosting, so I'll post my kitchen remodel here instead (without all the narrative of the old website I maintained).  I can't believe it is almost 10 years old!  Still looks good, other than a few scratches on the hardwood floor.  It was a great project - I learned a ton doing it and really it was my first major remodel - nothing like throwing yourself to the wolves to start my remodeling career...  :)

Original kitchen - note the dated circa 1988 styling.  And look at all that wasted space in the middle.

Staging area for cabinets (living room)

Demo has begun!

Demo complete!

Was going to try to save the sheetrock but then decided against it.

Lighting plan after about 5 different plans

Installed cabinets in garage for storage and makeshift kitchen

Subpanel installed - used the old 50A circuit from the abandoned electric cooktop

Lights installed!

Light switches crammed in that box - dimmers take up some space...

Electrical to the island plugs - inspector asked if I was an electrician after seeing all my quality work.

Slot for trash compactor

Island taking shape, recessed plug and switch into panel

Close up shot of recessed switch and plug

Sitting down on the job!

More cabinets installed

Same time frame as above, from a different angle

Plywood on cabinets, sink and cooktop in place - ready for granite template.

Getting closer

Hood installed!

Upper cabs in and undercabinet lights on


Backsplash started

Backsplash behind cooktop

Dishwasher in and plumbing done!

Microwave and oven in

Under island electrical

Closeup of sink and faucet

Effectively done - just missing toe kick finish panel.


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