Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Okay, faith restored some...

I guess I did the toughest section of tile first. I was able to tile most of the other walls reasonably quickly. Still couldn't make a living doing this, but at least some significant progress was made. Even the wife said, "Wow, you got a lot done." That happens every full moon that occurs on a Tuesday during an odd numbered Leap Year.

I have to build up the section at the top of the tile (hence the thinset there). The mosaic glass tile is about 1/2 the thickness of the white tile. So I'm actually thinking a little bit now. Amazing to actually use the brain periodically.

Just waiting now for the package to arrive that has that little trim detail I posted below so I can finish up the field tile. I'll then move onto the mosaic that will be 6" tall and extend all the way around the shower. I need to install the bullnose finished trim pieces as well at the front of the shower. And then the 4-1/4" square tiles at the top. Can't wait for those - the easiest part of the job!!!


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