Friday, September 07, 2007

Small Setback

Well, unfortunately my countertop experienced a few cracks - we were pushing the envelope a bit by going seamless. Oh well, things happen for a reason. We cut the piece in half for a display piece - a nice 4' counter with undermount sink. So during the polishing, the glass we hoped to see in the surface was nearly all gone. Apparently the vibrating vibrated it upwards and into the concrete. Still looked good but not as I had pictured. So like the concrete tile that I dropped for the fireplace, this will give me an opportunity to redo the counter and make sure it is done so it turns out as planned and suh-weet looking. Still have the mold so re-making it wont' be tough. This time though it will be seamed. Just trying to come up with a cool looking seam...

So I'm going to start tearing out the shower now...


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