Sunday, December 02, 2007

You think you know, but you don't. And you never will...*

Well, here is what 5 hours of tiling looks like for someone who thought they knew how to do tile. That's all folks. Whoever gave me the idea to diagonal tile will be hunted down and properly addressed. Holy crap. I used to think I liked doing tile. Can I choose a more challenging tile project? Diagonal tile for the first time and a bunch of glass mosaic tile. That cultured marble is looking pretty appealing right about now...

In the end it will look fantastic, but I still have to question my sanity (should do that on a regular basis really). Oh and you won't be able to tell by the photo, but the tiles creating the border around the niche are actually slightly lower than the diagonal tile. Gawd dammit. I didn't account for there being a slight bow in the tile due to the curing/baking process. So I will have to get a little creative with grout. It's really too bad - all I needed to do was to build up that border tile slightly and all woulda been good. I need to stop doing small chunks of tile where there may be differences in height - after setting some of those border tiles, I shoulda set some diagonals - before the thinset setup. Oh well, ain't changing now.

Oh and I'm about 3/8" too high at the bottom now. Just perfect. So much for spending all that time laying things out. Fortunately my butt will be saved - I'll just need to order this product:

* Quote courtesy of one of the all-time great quote machines, Jim Mora.


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