Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My oh my what can this be?

Is this a bathtub installed I see? (You late 30's/early 40's folks might remember this line from the School House Rocks era - what did the original line say? Answer below.)

More thanks to the Spiccoli man. Let's just hope it doesn't leak. A few screws to secure it in place and it should be good to go.

Also, I either bought or ordered everything I need to start tiling the shower. So hopefully in a week or so I'll be ready to do that. I'm going with a larger niche than originally planned - this one has two compartments - see below. Looks like based on the measurements the mosaic tile will fit perfectly. Keeping my fingers crossed though.

Need to install the sheetrock and do a quick dry layout to find the exact spot for the niche. Then onto the waterproofing membrane and then the tile!!!

* Instead of "Is this a bathtub installed I see?" the line went, "For goodness sake a cavity." I know, I've lost it.


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