Friday, December 21, 2007

In the home stretch...

Well, at least for the shower tile. I have to install the 4" squares at the top and the tile will be D-U-N. Oh wait, I still have some glass mosaic to do for the niche. Then the tile will be D-U-N. Don't forget the grout too. Definitely excited though to see some good progress. This project is moving SO slowly. Lots o' down time. Oh well. Not as much urgency since there are two other bathrooms.

Mosaic tile is not a very forgiving tile. I tried the technique where you pre-grout the tile (under the paper face) and then set it in thinset. Worked okay, super messy. Didn't have that thinset push through problem with this technique. Still need to do some grout touch up, but overall I would say that method is pretty good. I'll probably do the same with the vanity wall. That's going to be oh so fun. Can't wait... :(

Happy Holidays!!! Be safe.


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