Sunday, March 04, 2007

Two Words: Sha wing!!!!!!!

Okay, so here is the scale mockup of the new fireplace. Very excited by the look and am ready to proceed. I'm going to be working with my friend Nick to get this done. Perhaps I'll receive an honorary disciple crown for my work. We'll see.

Started off crapay (French for crappy - would've used an accented "e" but don't know how to do that easily). I got all the wood for the hearth all cut up and figured I'd assemble it tonight. Well, little detail about forgetting about the top of the box adding to the height. So I ripped all my pieces 3/4" too tall. Dayam. Oh well, non-fatal mistake, means I can hit the treadmill instead of working on this tonight.


At 9:24 PM, Blogger nixmtb said...

And the saga continues....
Anik'Gin' Skywalker let the portland cement lords guide you.

Measurements of unsound find you sawdust all around.

Obi con crete nobi


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