Friday, May 23, 2008

More schtuff...

Okay, so my mind is getting all sidetracked. I tore down the fireplace in the family room and was getting ready to start rolling on it when I saw a photo in Home Theater magazine of a plasma lift that dropped a TV from a cavity behind the fireplace mantle/hearth. Total coolness factor. Checked out the lift and it was only $3,500. 2.5 times the cost of the TV!!! Lame. So I did some more searching and found a much more affordable alternative - $495 shipped. That's tolerable. So I think I'm going to go for it. Here is the mockup:

Perty cool. We'll see if it turns out as I hope. Oh, and this is sidetracking me some as well:

This obsession never ends... Oh, and I forgot my neighbor wants to start his downstairs bath too - full gut, changing bathtub/shower to a shower only. Thankfully I'm just doing the tile. I did finish up his upstairs bath tile work so hopefully some photos of that soon.

Recent additions to the tool collection:

[Insert Tim Allen Tool Time grunt here]


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