Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thank goodness for caulk

Most of these walls have some kinda wave in them - acceptable production tolerances apparently. But boy do the wreak havoc on corner miter cuts. Thankfully there is this new product that I just discovered. It is called "caulk". Glad that they invented this stuff just recently.

Here is the latest photo - walls painted (except up high at the ceiling/wall junction), baseboard installed and caulked, and the wall sconce install from hell in place as well. Stoopid me, should've run a separate switch and then cut into the sheetrock and wired it behind the cabinets. No, I have to go through the soffit above. Remember the alleged magic bullet in the Kennedy assassination? Well, that is basically how I needed to fish the wire through a 2"x4", header, another 2"x4" laying flat, then through plywood shear. All for a freakin' wall sconce! Just about another Calgon moment.


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