Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Major Update

Yes, not very consistent in my updating of this site. Oh well. I don't think anyone looks at it very often which is cool. Here are some photos:

Textured ceiling and primed wall - boy, much easier to use the spray gun to do the texture than those little cans. Once I figured the correct pressure things went well. Two coats were necessary to get the heavier texture the builder got. Still not perfect but close enough.

Textured wall where sheetrock shelf was previously. Scroll way down to see what the old fireplace used to look like.

Same as above, opposite side. These sections turned out really nice, and with the light paint, it is tough to tell there was a big patch job.

New paint color - Thunder Bay by Ralph Lauren. I'm not sure though if it is too dark and blends too much with the fireplace. It sure is a nice warm color though. And boy does it break up the light beige that we have everywhere in that room. Maybe more walls will end up this color. Figures though - the one time I pick the right color I only buy a quart.

Should help with the reflected light off the screen a little bit to.

I also templated the surround and just need to pour that and install and this baby is D-U-N. Of course, thoughts of redoing the family room fireplace and entertainment center are floating through my head... flat panel above the new fireplace... toss out old entertainment center and get new cab and build subwoofer into it... oh wait, I have Alaina's bathroom cabinets sitting in boxes in the garage... back to reality.


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